Modern trading companies are going all out in equipping their warehouses with the best of tools and technologies. For efficiently running a trading enterprise, the faster goods move in and out of the warehouse, the better it is for the bottom line. Sophisticated space and time management solutions, along with PDT integrations have known to increase productivity by a significant 75%. 24*7 transportation solutions that use real time route planning, weather forecasting and refrigeration based preservation systems work in conjunction with ERP systems to ensure that high quality goods are made available to end customers as per defined delivery schedules.

Godrech has more than two decades of in-depth expertise in providing technology and process improvement solutions to resolve the challenges that are unique to this industry. With over 50 large and medium sized customers in the food and beverages, luxury, packaged goods, consumer durables and electronics segments, we take pride in stating that our solutions have resulted in as much as 20% reduction in delivery delays and warranty costs.

Our solutions for the trading and distribution vertical are focused on

  • Dealer Incentives

    The presence of a large dealer network is a common situation amongst distribution based organizations. Dealer expectation management can turn into a complicated activity for those that do not have standard communication and relationship building processes. Rule based system generated dealer commissions eliminate calculation inconsistencies and benefit dealers by providing them with on-time and fair incentives.

  • Quality Inspections

    Adhering to global and local statutory compliance regulations is a must for quality focused organizations. Stringent checkpoints for incoming, process and outgoing products as well as system generated test certificates aid business owners in passing on the benefits of quality compliance to their end customers.

  • Warehouse Automation

    At the warehouse, barcode scanning greatly facilitates tracking of incoming and outgoing products. Physical movement of goods is controlled based on system generated distribution sheets and dispatch allocation plans. Simplified put-away and picking processes help quickly handle and ship goods so that their time spent at the warehouse is minimized.

  • Global Shipments

    For an international trading organization, making shipments to various locations across the globe is a norm. Some of the challenges in aiming for standardizing and at the same time adhering with variations in trade regulations across countries are met by having a customized ERP system in place. Landing cost calculators take into account item classification, source and destination country rules and help organizations in significantly curbing geographical product price disparity.

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