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It is Efficient USSD Codes

Ndiema Infotech  offers both shared and dedicated USSD codes to help you manage your business more efficiently.
Give your users the best experience that is accessible to both smartphones and feature phones by intergrating our reliable and simple USSD API.

Pricing of  Shared USSD Code

Set Up CostKSHS 4,000 
Monthly MaintenanceKSHS 11,000
Pre-Paid costs per session (Cost is covered by the end user)
SafaricomKES 1.5
AirtelKES 4


Pricing of  Dedicated USSD code

Test BedKES 21,000
Set Up CostKES 220,000
Pre-Paid Monthy MaintenanceKES 75,000
Post-Paid Monthy MaintenanceKES 80,000
Type (AIRTEL)Price
Test BedKES 23,000
Set Up CostKES 200,000
Monthy MaintenanceKES 70,000
Type (TELKOM)Price
Set UpKES 60,000
Test BedKES 32,000
Monthy MaintenanceKES 50,000
Post-Paid costs per session (Cost is covered by the code owner)
A compulsory deposit of KES 15,000 is required for the session cost


NetworkBasic Plan (KES0 – 99,999)Plus Plan (KES100,000 – 499,999)Premium Plan (KES500,000 – 999,999)Max Plan (KES1,000,000+)
SafaricomKES 1.6KES 1.9KES 1.5KES 1.5
AirtelKES 4.6KES 4.9KES 4.5KES 4.5
Pre-Paid costs per session (Cost is covered by the end user)
SafaricomKES 1.2
AirtelKES 3.3
TelkomKES 1.7

FEATURESCode Katas with PHPUnit


The USSD gateway can handle many API requests at any time.



*100#Testing Jargon


You can choose between pre-paid and post paid billing options depending on your business needs.



*100*55#Testing Laravel


We have made it easy for a developer to build and deploy a USSD application within minutes


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