Ndiema SmartPharm- Pharmacy Management Software

Ndiema SmartPharm is a full featured hospital pharmacy drug distribution and control system, and Electronic Medication Administration Record (EMAR) System. It can be utilized as a stand-alone system, or fully integrated with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) System. It also provides the pharmacy component of Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) and “Meaningful Use” requirements for Healthcare Information Technology incentives. SmartPharm and its predecessors have been in use in hospital pharmacies since 1977.

System Overview


  •  Admission/Discharge/Transfer/Archiving
  •  Order Entry and Profiles, with Lab Results,Treatments, Diets, etc.
  •  Order Templates/Standing Orders
  •  Automatic Calculation of Doses Due
  •  Support for Unit-Dose/Bulk Meds, IVs, TPNs
  •  Med and IV Fill Lists By Ward
  •  Transaction Logging with History
  •  User-Defined Charge Algorithims
  •  J-CODE Support
  •  Automatic Formulary Repricing
  •  Flexible MAR System – Daily or Multiday-Paper or Optionally Electronic
  •  Physician Renewal Lists for ASOs
  •  Floorstock System with Par Levels
  •  Full Inventory System with Automated Ordering and Receiving
  •  Interdepartmental Accounting
  •  Current and Historical DURs
  •  Multi-Level Security Access
  •  Choose from Hundreds of Layouts for Reports, MARs and Labels
  •  Download updates from our website
  •  Online help system
  •  Optional Satellite Inventory
  •  HIPAA/HITECH Compliant
  •  Full Support for Canadian Hospitals
  •  Multi-lingual
  •  Optional Physician Order Entry Interface to your EHR
  •  Optional EMAR Module
  •  Optional Outpatient Module
  •  Optional Full Integration with your EHR

Clinical Functions


  •  Utilizes MediSpan Clinical Database
  •  Prior Adverse Reaction Checking
  •  Drug-Drug Interaction Checking
  •  Drug-Food/Drug-Alcohol Warnings
  •  Drug-Disease Contraindication Checking
  •  Duplicate Therapy Checking
  •  Patient Counseling Sheets
  •  Patient Drug Education Sheets
  •  Dose Checking
hospital pharmacy software sample screen

System Characteristics

  •  Allows user defined report and label formats, utilizing SQL Server and Crystal Reports
  •  On-line help system
  •  Self-prompting, with Windows tool-tips
  •  Displays pertinent data only and fully utilizes color capability for proper emphasis of important data
  •  Capable of running in environments ranging from stand-alone to fully integrated multi-hospital internet hosted
  •  On-line drug lookup by brand, generic name, NDC number, or ID; lookup of non-formulary drugs
  •  Addition of new drugs/administration schedules while entering orders
  •  Multi-level security system
  •  Optional full outpatient functionality included
  •  Can run in various user languages/dialects
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