Ndiema Salesforce-CRM Software

Kenya’s Best Sales CRM system

Join 20,000 salespeople increasing their sales productivity with Ndiema Salesforce.

Goodbye Guesswork, Hello Sales Efficiency

Without Ndiema Salesforce

  • Salespeople always guessing what to do next. (Low Productivity)
  • Spend more time finding the right prospects (Hard Work)
  • Connect with prospects after they’ve forgotten you (High TAT)
  • Always be the annoying storekeeper looking over their shoulder (Customer Blight)
  • Managers stuck with bad processes till IT saves the day(Rigid Processes)
  • Play hide and seek with your leads, while your competitors reach them first (Lead Leakage)

With Ndiema Salesforce

  • Tick, tick, done! Salespeople sailing smoothly through the day. (High Productivity)
  • Spend more time talking to the right prospects (Smart Work)
  • Connect with prospects when they’re interested (Low TAT)
  • Enable buyers to make purchase themselves (Customer Delight)
  • Managers can change bad processes on the go, with zero code (Flexible Processes)
  • All the leads captured, prioritized and routed to the right agent – from every single source(Zero Lead Leakage).
How can you benefit from Sales CRM software?
Complete lead capture
Capture leads from all sources – website, Facebook, Google, lead providers, referrals – onto one platform without any lead leakage.
Lead distribution
Easily distribute leads between your teams based on – lead quality, location, languages, agent performance or any other dynamic criteria.
Track and manage your pipeline
Track and manage the progress of your leads, sales closed, pipelines forecasted, and revenue committed for any given time frame easily.
Regimented sales
Track all the activities done by salesperson – emails sent, calls made and notify the right agent to take action – automatically.
Mobile CRM
With Ndiema Salesforce’s mobile CRM, do everything on-the-go –  document upload, lead transfer – while you live-track them from miles away.
Dashboards and reports
Custom dashboards and 100s of default reports measuring everything – campaign performance, agent productivity, or revenue metrics.

Why is Ndiema Salesforce the best choice for your business?

EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE. Let us know your team size and your requirements and we’ll make sure you get the best price possible.
READY TO INTEGRATE: Integrate Ndiema Salesforce with all apps you use and love – native connectors, robust APIs, and developer platform.
EASY TO USEOur CRM is used by 200,000+ users all over India, every single day.
SUPPORT. Don’t resign yourselves to 24 hour long wait time. Our account managers are just a phone call away.

Got started in 20-30 minutes.

With Ndiema Salesforce customers see
61%Faster lead
70%Faster funnel
Don’t just manage your leads. Convert them into revenue.

Reach leads when they’re hot

Capture leads from all your sources online, field, referrals and distribute them to the right agent automatically.  Notify the agents on assigning them the lead so they can act on it right away and close it before your competition does.

Act fast on all leads

Enable your sales reps to see all pending tasks and activities in one single place. Send emails, SMS, or WhatsApp directly from Ndiema Salesforce to engage your prospects. Track user behaviour like website visits, email opens, form submissions etc.

Achieve your sales targets

Track all deals in the pipeline and ensure you meet your sales targets. Stay on top of every deal, potential revenue. Adjust your forecasts and take proactive action to stay on top of your targets. Track individual contribution to pipeline and revenue generated per employee.

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