Infor OS

A User Centric Operating Service Designed to Deliver Solutions in an Efficient Way



Enterprise application development, deployment, and integration have become much easier with Infor’s most recent and futuristic innovation, the Infor OS platform. This is Infor’s solution for digital transformation, a state-of-the-art system that helps in synthesizing many different components into a single integrated platform. For those organizations that are already using Infor solutions, Infor OS can be used for simplifying application maintenance & integration, along with improved user management and single sign-on features. Use of strong service design principles, artificial intelligence (AI), business process automation, a common data strategy, & cloud deployment give organizations the lead edge that can be used to create a collaborative, conversational & digital enterprise experience.



Infor Document Management (IDM)

A secure repository for tagged documents that simplifies search, update, retrieval and archival functions.

Infor BI
Infor BIInfor BI

Infor BI

Predictive analysis platform that integrates with Infor applications through ION.

Infor Ming.le

Communication and collaboration platform for social enterprises, well known for its context sensitive functions and user interface.

Infor ION
Infor IONInfor ION

Infor ION

A simple, scalable and powerful middleware that empowers large organizations to bring together all that is relevant from their IT ecosystem into a single cohesive platform.

Infor Business Vault

Intelligent and optimized data warehouse with analytic modelling features.

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