What is Bulk SMS ?

Bulk SMS’ or ‘bulk messaging’ refers to sending SMS to one or more recipients via software platforms.Such as Bulk Sms Chapchap.In fact, Bulk SMS can scale up to millions of recipients in the case of informational or promotional broadcasts. Alternatively, bulk SMS can also mean individual SMS sent to customers upon an action. e.g. receiving an alert on credit card transaction. Both these activities can be easily carried out from bulk SMS platforms as they allow businesses to create, schedule, send and track SMS campaigns..

Advantages of Bulk Sms Chapchap

Our cheapest Bulksms ChapChap comes with advantages such as;

  • With Bulksmschapchap there is the best and convinient Instant delivery of messages
  • It has a Flexible platform that can send over 10,000 convenient sms at once
  • In addition, our cheapest Chapchap comes with a reminder to notify one of any pending deals
  • Our best sms, can be stored, easily forwarded or tracked using delivery reports
  • This affordable bulkSMS offers Lower cost and time to be delivered than a phone call.
  • Bulksmschapchap are more reliable than emailing as the chances of the recipient reading the message is very high
  • Limitless market potential with our Branded Bulksmschapchap.

Bulk SMS in Kenya |BulkSMSChapChap is a the cheapest and the best Bulk SMS in Kenya which can be used to send sms/reminders to customers.Bulksms ChapChap is the most affordable and convenient strategy to target a mass audience.As a marketing and communication tool in most businesses in Kenya.In fact whether launching a new product or would like a nationwide announcement or also you want to remind people of a certain meeting or deal, our cheapest Bulksms ChapChap manages all the requirements from start to finish .The fastest Bulk sms in Kenya can be used by anybody to manage their dairies.Moreover, you can store all your appointments and activities then system will send your bulksms in Kenya whenever that time reaches.

Where is Bulk Sms Chapchap Useful ?

Bulk Sms is very essential in organizations which require mass communications to pass on Information.Identically, We offer various services like ; Bulksmschapchap Kenya for Schools. Bulksmschapchap Kenya for Churches. Bulksmschapchap Kenya for Chamas. Bulksmschapchap Kenya for colleges. Bulksmschapchap Kenya for universities. Bulksmschapchap Kenya for Saccos. Bulksmschapchap Kenya for banks.Cost of bulk SMS Kenya. Bulksmschapchap Kenya providers | Branded Bulksmschapchap Kenya services |Send Bulksmschapchap Kenya for Alerts and notifications in Kenya. Bulksmschapchap Kenya for reminders and appointments in Kenya. Bulksmschapchap Kenya for Verification in Kenya. Bulksmschapchap Kenyan resellers in kenya. Contact us for the cheapest Bulksmschapchap in Kenya.|

SMS Gateway in Kenya

Uniquely,We are one of the leading and cheapest SMS Gateway Provider company in Kenya.So, If you are looking for High Priority SMS in Kenya ,then you can rely on our SMS Gateway in Kenya . Also Reach your customers through our Bulksms Chapchap for campaigns, saccos,banks,colleges and schools.Moreover, We offer Marketing bulksms chapchap for  SMS Advertisements or SMS Campaign.

Equally important,Our Bulksms Kenya can be integrated with any software like be it Point of sale system or Biometric system. In deed, Our SMS delivery is 100%.Actually, You can correspondingly,use our free sms to send sms from your website, from your sacco system to clients when transaction occurs, send school marks to parents and students, and send to employees from their office system from anywhere in Kenya.

Mass Promotional SMS

Apparently, Bulk sms is considered one of the Fastest and Reliable ways to promote your brand and increase sales. In fact, Bulksms can promote brands and send attractive offers to the customers with a single click. Chapchap always gives you the best support and services to our clients with the best and cheapest prices in the market. We help businesses, schools and institutions to promote and grow your business of the day with our Bulk sms.

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Bulk SMS refer to the art of sending and delivering multiple SMS to multiple recipients programmatically over the internet to the recipient handset/phones. It’s a service provided by Telecommunication companies with partnership with Managed Services Providers (MSP).

More than 20 years on Short Message Service (SMS) remain to be one of the most effective email communication channel. SMS happen to be one of the most secure and trusted communication channel as well. SMS is more effective that Email Communication for both business and personal communications.

Bulk SMS usually require a Sender ID, Sender ID is a registered identity of the Sender of the message. Sender ID are usually registered with the receiving telecommunication network, Sender ID is registered once and Telco may require paperwork to register a Sender ID to a particular business that what to send Bulk SMS.

Sender ID is what a recipient sees as sender or source of a bulk SMS – it is usually an alphanumeric name of up to 11 characters.

Kindly note for effective Bulk SMS communication, a sender need to register a Sender ID with all the receiving networks. Ndiema Infotech also offer a generic sender ID for onetime users – (CLOUD-SMS)

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