A Cloud based Platform for Networked Business Intelligence



Infor Birst has been recognized as a ‘Niche Player’ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. The topmost reason for this is that Birst allows for data consolidation and aggregation from centralized and decentralized sources; with some organizations using as many as 9 different data sources to generate their business dashboards. A networked BI solution, Birst performs data analytics by using a single repository shared across the network, and a common set of business rules that can be reused for achieving faster processing results. The solution is capable of performing the entire range of BI tasks, right from simple report generation to the more complex number crunching and KPI generation activities. It can be used across multiple functional areas such as Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations, and Finance. Being a multi-tenant cloud application, Birst can either source data directly from other cloud applications, or bring data from on-premise applications to the cloud, or using hybrid connections to analyze on-premise data.


Variants of Birst

Industry Specific BI

Birst for CloudSuite comes with in-built KPIs, data models, metrics, dashboards and widgets that have been designed specifically to meet industry standard best practices.

Complex BI
Complex BIComplex BI

Complex BI

Birst Enterprise is the best fit solution for those looking for BI tools that source data from across multiple industries.

Self-Service BI
Self-Service BISelf-Service BI

Self-Service BI

For BI that will be used by individuals with the capability to produce their own business insights, Birst Professional offers just the right data discovery tools that can extract data from centralized and decentralized data sources.

Embedded BI

The Powered by Birst solution can be used by software organizations looking for a BI component to fit inside of their applications before packaging it for end customers.

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