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With more than 1,20,000 new Azure customer subscriptions being added every month, spread over 34 data centres across the globe, Microsoft Azure is one of the top-ranked Integrated Cloud Services platform today. It offers a complete, consistent platform for on- premise, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services that run in or across Private Cloud, Hosted, Public Cloud or Hybrid scenarios. By opting for the Azure platform, customers get the advantage of a large portfolio of services listed on Azure Market Place, such as computing, database, intelligent analytics, storage, disaster recovery and backup at cost-effective, actual consumption based OPEX prices.

As a Direct Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) and Microsoft Dynamics certified Gold Partner for Cloud Competency, Ndiema Infotech Limited is now focused to execute projects on Azure Cloud, Dynamics 365, and Office 365. The Direct Model gives us the capability of managing end-to-end customer relationships related to Azure subscriptions and services. We have SLA- based, Cloud Managed Services offerings that guarantee a cost-effective, optimized and secure production environment infrastructure. Our services business model, customer support infrastructure, ability to scale, customer billing and invoicing capabilities are value additions that have been put in place for our esteemed customers.

Our Offerings

  • 01.

    Provisioning of well-managed, highly scalable and cost effective Infrastructure on Azure cloud

  • 02.

    Migration from on-premise to Azure

  • 03.

    Consulting and implementation of disaster recovery, backup, information protection

  • 04.

    Deployment, setup and S/W configuration of cloud services

  • 05.

    IoT and machine learning

  • 06.

    Storage, backup, and archival

  • 07.

    Servers and databases

  • 08.

    Subscriptions for O365, D365 and other 69 services on Azure


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