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7 Reasons Why You Need Restaurant POS System

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Suitable For:

This is a point of sale system which deals with sales, purchase and inventory of the stock.

you can also attach printer to your computer and it will print reports like sale invoices etc.

You can use our point of sale for this purpose.

βœ”οΈWhole sale business/ Management.

βœ”οΈStock & Inventory Management System.

βœ”οΈRetail sale business/ Management.

βœ”οΈPharmacy Business.

βœ”οΈRestaurant Management System.

βœ”οΈMulti service Center.

βœ”οΈElectronics , hardware, Spa, & Mobile shop.

βœ”οΈSuper General store, Cloth business, medical store, Bar code receipt.

βœ”οΈSuper Mart.

Main Modules:

Dashboard with quick links
Products Management
Sales Management
Purchase Management
Stock Management
Inventory Management
Expenses Management
User Management
Supplier Management

User Roles and permission Management
Multi Lingual
POS Management
Currencies management
VAT/GST Management
SMS/Email Module
Ware House management
Variant/Brands/Units Management
Printer Setup
and Many More Features

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